Custom Retrofit LUBESTATION® Module

4 November 2021


Our client saw an opportunity to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their mobile equipment maintenance and approached RETRA to help.

The project involved adding lubricant and coolant dispensing capabilities to the existing onsite fuel bay. The challenge was to provide a cost-effective solution that could be installed with minimal disruption.

Here’s how we did it.



With a container-mounted shelter already installed onsite, our solution would have to fit this existing infrastructure.

To avoid the significant downtime and costs associated with a complete containerised replacement, our team developed an innovative solution. We supplied a ready-for-use, condensed, portable LUBESTATION that could be easily retrofitted into the existing containers.

This solution met all our client’s needs for safe, simple, and efficient storage and handling of their required fluids.



As a result of our custom retrofitted LUBESTATION solution our client experienced lower total costs; a quick, simple installation; and minimal impact to their operations.

The benefit to our clients valuable machinery will be:

  • longer equipment lifespans,
  • increased operating hours,
  • and maximised performance and efficiency.

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