Electric Rewind Hose Reel Solutions

Discover the reliability of Retra electric rewind hoses, meticulously designed to deliver robust and durable performance. Ideal for many applications, our heavy-duty hose reel range boasts versatility and strength. Our electric hose reels provide quick and powerful results and are suitable for firefighting, spraying herbicides and pesticides, lubricant transfer, water tankers, and more. Trust in Retra for your hose reel needs and enjoy top performance and durability with every model in our range.


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Retra Electrical Hose Reel Benefits & Features

  • Custom designs – made in Australia
  • Effortless control and exceptional high-power performance
  • No labour required
  • Neat and tidy storage
  • No tangling, kinks or trip hazards
  • Dual line swivels available
  • Options are appropriate for handling air, water and/or acetylene
  • Maximise hose length but minimise floor space
  • Attach to workbench or vehicle tray, hang from wall or ceiling
  • Replacement parts available
  • 10-year warranty for reels, one-year warranty for electric motors

Choose Retra for the Best Electric Hose Reels

Retra is an extension of Tradesales, which has nearly 50 years of experience in manufacturing materials handling equipment, workplace storage, and safety solutions for Australian industries.

We understand Australian heavy-duty industries. Our knowledge informs product research and development, enabling us to create customised solutions that meet specific needs across various sectors. Made in Australia and distributed nationwide, our products undergo rigorous testing and receive careful attention from inception to delivery. We are committed to providing the highest quality, customised Real Ezy hose reels on the market. We’re equally dedicated to top-notch customer service, which has earned us strong partnerships with major players in Australia’s heavy-duty industry.

Count on Retra for unmatched products and service

Electric Rewind Hose Reel FAQs

What power source do electric rewind hose reels require?

Retra electric hose reels are powered by either a 12v or 24v motor depending on the model.

Is it possible to operate an electrical hose reel manually?

Yes. All of our electric rewind hose reels come with a backup manual rewind handle with both right-hand and left-hand configurations available.

How easy is it to install and operate an electric rewind hose reel?

Every Real Ezy electric rewind hose reel is supplied with detailed installation instructions and diagrams.