Lubricant Dispensing Modules

LUBESTATION® High Pressure Grease Dispensing Modules

Self-contained and transportable lubricant dispensing system for servicing with high-pressure grease.


LUBESTATION® modules are designed and engineered for fast, easy and contamination-free lubrication storage and dispensary.

Improve the efficiency of your maintenance and increase equipment/machinery operating hours and lifespans.

LUBESTATION® Advantages:
  • Versatile, adaptable, and relocatable
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Forklift Access doors for easy loading/unloading
  • More efficient and cost-effective than permanent structures
  • Maximises available space and storage capacity
  • Minimal on-site preparation required
  • Meets or exceeds the Australian standards
  • Filtered and contamination-free lubrication
  • Reduces spills, product wastage, and safety hazards

Customised to your exact requirements and supplied complete and ready-to-use.

Additional information

Standard Features

Certified for cyclone prone areas and all wind regions

Forklift access for efficient loading and unloading

Bunding for spill containment including slow release drain
cock for safe disposal

High-security ISO locking bars

Ventilation that meets or exceeds the AS1940-2004 standard

Dust filtration to minimise contaminants

Flexible and high-performance hose plumbed between pumps and supply items

Quick release camlock fittings

Supplied with relevant warning and safety signage

Quick coupling for connection of compressed air on-site incorporating inline filter assembly

Relief valve kits, air regulators with filter, gauge & lubricator as appropriate

Labelling for easy identification when loading and dispensing

Large forklift channels for lifting and transporting

Heavy-duty anchoring base plates

Finished in high build 2-Pak Polyurethane primer & topcoat for harsh outdoor environments