Oil & Grease Transfer Pump Solutions

Like all Retra products, our premium range of fluid transfer pump solutions is designed to meet your most demanding industrial applications. Suitable for heavy-duty work, such as use on mobile service trucks and vehicle fleet maintenance, our hard-working, precision-dispensing fuel pump and lubrication solutions are available for viewing and quote requests below.

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High-Performance Fluid Transfer Pumps
For efficient lubrication and fuel transfer, cost savings, durability, enhanced safety and portability, choose from three types of Retra fuel and lubrication pumps.
Grease Pumps
Retra’s high-performance grease pumps are designed to handle a variety of lubricating tasks in the automotive, construction, and industrial sectors. Our air-powered fuel transfer pump options offer:

Precision Lubrication: Engineered for optimal efficiency, our lubrication pump solutions ensure accurate and consistent lubrication of critical components, reducing wear and tear and extending equipment life.
Durable Construction: Built with premium materials and stringent quality control, our grease dispenser solutions can withstand harsh environments and provide long-lasting service. They’re specially designed with non-corrosive air motors and grease inlet cages that make them ideal for the toughest jobs.
Versatile Compatibility: Our grease pumps are compatible with a wide range of grease types, making them suitable for diverse applications across multiple industries.

Oil Pumps
Maximise productivity and minimise downtime with Retra’s cutting-edge oil pumps, designed for efficient and reliable fluid transfer in various industrial applications. These air-operated oil pump options provide:

High Flow Rates: Engineered to deliver high flow rates, the differential air motor ensures rapid and efficient fluid transfer, optimising your operations and reducing downtime.
Robust Performance: Our double-acting pumps are designed to handle even the most viscous oils with ease, providing consistent and reliable performance in demanding applications.
Easy Maintenance: Retra’s oil transfer pump solutions are designed with simplicity and ease of maintenance in mind, allowing for quick and hassle-free servicing to keep your operations running smoothly. The in-line design requires fewer parts, making these oil pumps less prone to wear and tear.

Diaphragm Pumps
Experience unparalleled versatility and reliability with Retra’s premium diaphragm pumps, designed for a wide range of fluid handling applications. Our air-operated pumps offer:

Exceptional Versatility: Are you looking for a waste oil transfer pump or portable chemical transfer pump? Capable of handling a diverse range of fluids, from chemicals to slurries, our diaphragm pumps are perfect for various industries, including chemicals and waste.
Leak-Free Operation: Featuring a unique, single-piece centre section, our air-operated pump solutions ensure leak-free operation, minimising the risk of spills and contamination.
Energy Efficiency: Engineered for optimal energy efficiency, our diaphragm pumps deliver powerful performance while consuming less energy, reducing your operating costs and environmental impact.

Boost Productivity With Robust and Efficient Retra Portable Pumps
Our commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation ensures that you receive the best fuel transport pump systems available, engineered to deliver exceptional performance and built to last.

Choose Retra for all your fluid handling needs and experience the difference our innovative and reliable solutions can make in your operation. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and discover the perfect pump solution tailored to your specific needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Fluid Transfer Pumps
What is a fuel transport pump?
This type of pump transfers fuel from one location to another. Many different industries, including aviation, marine, automotive and industrial, rely on this kind of pump system to move gas, diesel, petrol, jet fuel, kerosene and other dangerous fluids from storage tanks to vehicles and other equipment.
How does a fuel transport pump work?
This type of pump works by creating suction to draw fuel (or fluid) into the pump’s chamber, pressurising the fuel and delivering it to the intended destination, where it is either used or stored.
How to clean a fluid transfer pump?
Cleaning this type of pump requires several steps:

Disconnect power from the source
Disassemble if possible, by carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions.
Rinse the pump’s exterior with a gentle stream of water to remove grit or debris from the surface
With care, clean the pump’s internal components with a soft brush or cloth. Look out for residue and other build-up that you can remove.
Run a check on seals, o-rings and gaskets, watching out for wear and tear or damage.
Lubricate if the manufacturer’s instructions suggest.