Spring Rewind Hose Reels

Retra Group’s range of high-quality spring rewind hoses enables fast, smooth and safe automatic hose retraction. Whether you’re working with air, water or fuel, our industrial hose reel solutions will complete the job quickly so you can move on to the next task. Compatible with a range of fuels, water and air as well as readily available in various lengths (up to 20 metres), you’re sure to find the specific hose reel spring rewind unit you need. Explore our collection below.


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Spring Rewind Hose Reel Industries & Applications

Our premium-quality range is ideal for many industries and applications. These hose reels are suitable for air, water, and fuel and include:  

  • Fire and emergency services  
  • Agricultural industry  
  • Mining and civil sectors  
  • Wash down 
  • Dust suppression 
  • Transferring chemicals and diesel  
  • Lubricant dispensing 
  • High-pressure washing

Spring Retractable Hose Reel Features

 Whilst each product offers specific features, you can broadly expect the following from our range:

  • Compact profiling and robust design.  
  • Spring-loaded drum. 
  • 12-month warranty across reels.  
  • Locking ratchet for maintaining the ideal hose length.   
  • Guiding arms to enable reel unit to affix to walls and floors and adjust to overhead positioning.   
  • Powder-coated steel construction. 
  • Neat, organised storage.

Why Choose a Spring-loaded Hose Reel From Retra Group

We’re delighted that clients continue to choose Retra for their hose reel needs. 

  • We understand the industries we supply and constantly seek to help and improve their situation by developing innovative, purpose-built products.  
  • We maintain solid stock levels to deal with sudden surges in demand, especially during seasonal rushes.  
  • Our Real Ezy hose reels are designed, built and tested in Australia.  
  • We’re committed to maintaining the highest quality across design, manufacturing, customer service and all facets of the business.  
  • The safety of our team, customers and clients is of utmost priority in everything we do.  
  • We’re passionate about hose reels! We know and respect the fundamental role they play across industries.

Contact Retra Group About a Spring Return Hose Reel

Please contact our team if you have any questions or want more information. We’re here to help!  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Spring Rewind Reels

How does a spring hose reel work?  

A spring hose reel works thanks to a retractable coiling, relying on a coiled spring mechanism to rewind the hose post-use automatically.  

How do I check if the spool is operating properly? 

To check if the spool is operating properly, slowly pull the hose. A click should be heard after every turn of the wheel.