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Discover cutting-edge solutions with fit-for-purpose Retra products, delivering innovative, long-lasting solutions across diverse industries. Understanding the importance of reliable and durable parts and accessories, we stock a premium range of heavy-duty hose nozzles and accessories made from high-quality materials designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Explore our range of industrial hoses and hose fittings below.

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Experience precision and efficiency with our range of industrial nozzles, expertly crafted for optimal flow control and fluid direction.

Choose reliability with our Auto Shut Off Diesel Nozzles, available in various sizes, types and flow rates. For bulk transfer operations, our Manual Shut Off Nozzles, also in diverse sizes and types, are ideal for fuel truck operations or high-volume contractor pumps. Our range includes heavy-duty and adjustable brass nozzles for hoses, designed to deliver proven durability and performance.

We also offer Rubber Oil & Diesel Hoses and Rubber Water Hoses with flexible hollow tubes for secure and leak-free fluid or air transfer. Both are available with fittings as required. The Rubber Oil & Diesel hose is a high-quality multi-purpose solution perfect for transferring air, water, oil, diesel/ petroleum and various chemicals. The Rubber Water Hose is more general purpose and commonly used in the mining and hire industries to transfer air and water.

Trust Retra to deliver reliable, versatile fluid transfer solutions for your business.

Choose Retra for Innovative Rubber Hoses & Hose Reel Accessories

As your fluid handling systems partner of choice, Retra offers a wide range of heavy-duty hoses and nozzles, shipped to you nationwide. Depending on the product, you can expect:

  • Compatible with Real Ezy Hose heavy-duty hose reels
  • Easy calibration
  • Electronic reset
  • Adjustable water flow options
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Low battery consumption
  • Moulded casing for extra protection
  • All backed by Retra’s customer service and warranty

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Browse our range of rubber hose nozzle options and add your chosen products to your quote before submitting your quote request. Our consulting team will contact you to ensure our products meet your requirements.

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As leading hose reel manufacturers, Retra only provides the best quality solutions. For almost 50 years we have worked closely with heavy-duty industries, so we know what you need to work effectively, productively and safely. Contact our team of product specialists and let’s find the right solution for your business.

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Hoses and Nozzles FAQs

What is the best high-pressure hose nozzle?

Of course, we recommend Retra hose nozzles for premium quality.

How do I choose a hose nozzle?

When selecting industrial hose nozzles and fittings, keep in mind features such as:

  • Material – you need something durable, such as brass, for long-lasting use and corrosion resistance.
  • There should be multiple water flow/force/pattern options.
  • Grip and ergonomics – offers ease of use during long periods.
  • Size – must match the hose diameter.
  • Shut-off valves – do you need manual or automatic?