Oil & Grease Transfer Pump Solutions

Grease Sprayer Kit For Drums 18–30 Kg With Trolley

Item code: 013-2010-020

This equipment offers the possibility to spray-nebulize the grease to facilitate the application on big surfaces as a protection.

It is used in the following fields: naval, industrial, construction.

This equipment uses an innovative technology that combines the high pressure of the pump and the gun that nebulizes grease with viscosity up to NLGI 2


  • Compression ratio: 60:1
  • For drums with capacity of (kg): 18-30

Composed by:

  • 010-1005-000 Air-operated grease pump R=60:1
  • 014-2170-000 Pressure regulator with connections
  • 030-1393-000 Trolley with 2 pneumatic wheels
  • 014-1051-030 Lid ø 320 mm
  • 014-1062-030 Follower plate ø 310 mm
  • 907-K122-050 Rubber hoses kit 2SC 1/4″+R6 5/16″with protection l5,0 m
  • 014-2150-019 Grease spray gun F/150 SP HPS 1,9
  • 014-2160-K22 Nozzles kit for grease spray gun HPS 2,2