Streamlining In-Field Maintenance With A 5 IBC Mobile Plant Lubestation

26 June 2023
Roy Hill Lubestation with five IBCs and separate waste oil tank

Introduction: This case study focuses on the successful implementation of an IBC mobile plant Lubestation at Roy Hill, a mining company. The goal was to enhance efficiency and expedite maintenance processes at satellite workshops located on the mine site.

Background: Roy Hill faced challenges with time-consuming maintenance operations due to the distant location of the mining pit from the central workshop. A mobile solution was needed to reduce travel time and improve productivity.

Project Scope and Configuration: We were approached to design and manufacture several 20-foot, five-IBC mobile plant Lubestations for Roy Hill. Four of the IBCs will dispense oils, while the fifth will be used to top up the coolant of mobile equipme

Equipment and Features: The Lubestation was equipped with five pneumatically operated Meclube piston pumps, along with a Graco Husky pump for coolant dispensing. Additionally, a dedicated piston pump was utilized for waste oil extraction, ensuring proper waste management. The waste oil will be stored in a separate tank outside the Lubestation, preventing cross-contamination and allowing for easy removal.

Projected Benefits: The implementation of the IBC mobile plant Lubestation is predicted to have the following benefits:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: By decentralizing lubrication and coolant top-ups, the Lubestation will reduce travel time between workshops, accelerating the company’s maintenance processes.
  2. Streamlined Maintenance: Accurate and controlled dispensing of oils and coolants will minimize equipment failure risks and optimised performance.
  3. Improved Waste Management: The separate tank for waste oil extraction will facilitate the proper disposal or recycling, promoting environmentally conscious practices.

Check out the video for an overview of the project:

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