Leaving the rest trailing behind: Real Ezy reels and Wrangler Stockyards and Trailers

27 November 2023
Wrangler Trailers with Real Ezy Reel

For more than 40 years, the fire and emergency services have used Real Ezy reels. While their popularity amongst fire, water and service truck builders continues, Real Ezy reels have also gained attention from the agriculture sector.

According to Anthony Carbone, director of Wrangler Stockyards and Trailers, this is due to their quality, durability, ease of use and minimal maintenance requirements.

“Our diesel and water cartage trailers can be outfitted with either manual or spring rewind Real Ezy reels from RETRA Fluid Handling Systems,” said Anthony.

“Like our trailers, they are built in Australia, and the quality is world-class.”

Wrangler Stockyards and Trailers is a trusted name in heavy-duty agricultural equipment. The company began operations around five years ago and expanded into manufacturing trailers around three years ago after identifying a gap in the market.

“Every trailer is constructed with heavy-duty parts and rugged reliability in mind. With our trailers, you can transport your diesel or water out to the paddock, knowing that our trailers are specifically engineered for the demanding challenges of the farming industry,” said Anthony.

The diesel trailer is designed to be used during periods of high demand, such as during seeding or harvest, when agricultural equipment is in service for long periods.

The trailer follows agricultural equipment, ensuring a continuous supply of diesel without requiring time-consuming trips back to a stationary tank, which could be located 15 or 20 kilometres away. Anthony highlights the significant time and cost savings, emphasising the tangible benefits in terms of both productivity and resource conservation.

With its focus on quality and innovation, Wrangler Stockyards and Trailers stands as a testament to the versatile applications of Real Ezy reels, showcasing their adaptability beyond traditional domains and into the heart of agricultural efficiency.

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These reels can be used to rewind hoses without the need for electricity or batteries, thanks to the hand crank.

Real Ezy 530 Series Manual Rewind Hose Reel

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    These reels employ a hand-operated crank that allows for rewinding hose in any location – no power source necessary.

  • High-performance and long-term reliability
  • Durable low maintenance design
  • 10-year warranty on reel
  • Replacement parts readily available

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Real Ezy 530 Series Electric Rewind Hose Reel

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These reels use an electric motor to eliminate the labour required to rewind long and heavy hose. Installation of a switch and connection to a power source is needed to operate the electric motor.

  • Long-term performance and reliability
  • Fast and smooth retraction
  • Stock of replacement parts available
  • Low maintenance design
  • 10-year warranty on reel, 1-year warranty on electric motor

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Real Ezy 660 Series Spring Rewind Hose Reel

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Heavy-duty industrial hose reels that employ a spring-loaded mechanism for automatic hose retraction.

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  • Low maintenance design
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  • 12-month warranty on reel
  • High volume of stock readily available

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