Crushing Efficiency Goals With A Single IBC Lubestation

4 December 2023
Single IBC at Talison

We recently delivered a pair of single IBC Lubestations and a waste oil Lubestation waste oil skid to Talison Lithium.

According to RETRA Fluid Handling Systems account manager Saxon McEwen, the single IBC Lubestations will be used to fill up the gearboxes of the operator’s crushers.

“Working in close proximity to a crusher that is processing lithium meant that the units not only needed to be bunded to prevent spillage but also fully enclosed to avoid contamination. We were asked to design and manufacture two identical units for maximum efficiency, which could be swapped over when it came time to replenish the gearbox oil. The reasoning for this was that it was more efficient and safer to swap over a whole unit than swap over the IBC,” said Saxon.

The single IBC Lubestations feature Graco Lubrication Equipment pumps and Filtrec filters, which are plumbed into a manifold at the crusher.

The waste oil Lubestation skid was designed to speed up shutdowns without compromising safety or environmental control.

“The skid is fully bunded and features a Graco Husky pump and one of our very own Real Ezy hose reels. This means that team members can evacuate waste oil without lifting or pouring. The unit was also manufactured with certified lifting lugs so the skid could be safely lifted to different levels of the plant,” said Saxon.

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