RETRA Becomes Official Australian Distributor for Meclube

2 August 2023
RETRA now a Meclube Distributor

RETRA Fluid Handling Systems (RETRA), manufacturers of the Lubestation, is pleased to announce that it is now an Australian distributor for Italian lubricant and fuel equipment specialists, Meclube.

According to RETRA account manager Saxon McEwen, the addition of Meclube to the company’s list of suppliers will mean greater choice for its customers.

“We’re building our Lubestations and other fluid dispensing systems around the customer’s preferred brand of pumps, filters, reels, and other parts so that they have an inventory of spare parts should they need to perform general maintenance,” said Saxon.

“Lubestations and our other dispensing equipment is often used in remote locations such as mine sites, which are thousands of kilometres away from the nearest capital city. Getting spare parts to these locations could take days, if not weeks.

“By aligning the brands used on our products with the ones our customers carry spare parts for, we’re avoiding costly downtime.”

Meclube manufactures a wide range of ISO 9001:2015 certified industrial lubrication equipment products, including grease distribution, oil distribution, oil aspirators, oil drain units, pressure sprayers, hose reels, air-operated double diaphragm pumps, electric diesel pumps, and more.

“Meclube is a young and dynamic Italian company that offers a wide range of professional lubrication products, which are ideal for harsh environments such as the Pilbara or North Queensland,” said Saxon.

“Their great variety of solutions and quality makes them the ideal partner for us in the agricultural, earth-moving, industrial and mining sectors.”

RETRA is an official Meclube reseller, meaning you can find a range of the company’s products on our website and in our catalogues, all backed by a two-year official warranty.

With RETRA and Meclube working together, businesses can now have a dependable and efficient fluid-handling system designed to withstand the toughest conditions.

To explore Meclube’s product offerings, visit For inquiries and further assistance, please email

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