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Custom solutions for storing and dispensing bulk lubricants and other fluids on worksites



The heavy machinery essential to mining, construction, and defence operations is subject to intense usage and harsh working environments that cause premature mechanical wear.

Regular servicing with contaminant-free lubricants is the solution — but without a relocatable dispensing system this can be a challenge on remote worksites.
Lubestation® dispensing systems empower remote worksites with relocatable, high-performance lubrication equipment to maximise the health and performance of  their machinery.
  • Defend against premature mechanical wear for longer equipment lifespans
  • Reduce expensive repairs and replacement of parts to lower maintenance costs
  • Increase the reliability of vital machinery for safer operations
  • Reduce to downtime to increase operating hours and productivity
  • Maximise performance and energy efficiency to let machinery operate at full potential
  • And ensure the success of your operations

LUBESTATION® Dispensing System Advantages

  • Durable, adaptable, and relocatable
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • More efficient and cost-effective than permanent structures
  • Maximises available space and storage capacity
  • Meets and exceeds Australian safety standards
  • Filtered, contamination-free lubrication
  • High-performance Graco dispensing equipment
  • Reduce spills, product wastage, and safety hazards

Standard Design Features

  • Certified for cyclone prone areas and all wind regions
  • Forklift access for efficient loading and unloading
  • Bunding for spill containment and slow release drain
    cock for safe disposal
  • High-security ISO locking bars
  • Ventilation that meets or exceeds the AS1940 standard
  • Dust filtration to minimise contaminants
  • Flexible and high-performance hose plumbed between pumps and supply items
  • Quick release camlock fittings
  • Supplied with all relevant warning and safety signage
  • Quick coupling for connection of compressed air on-site incorporating inline filter assembly
  • Relief valve kits, air regulators with filter, gauge & lubricator as appropriate
  • Labelling for easy identification when loading and dispensing
  • Large forklift channels for lifting and transporting
  • Heavy-duty anchoring base plates
  • Finished in high build 2-Pak Polyurethane primer & topcoat for harsh outdoor environments

Lubestation® dispensing systems allow for bulk oil and fluid containers to be loaded into self-bunded storage and connected to high-performance pumps and hoses.

When empty, the Lubestation® can be transported by forklift, crane or truck between worksites for maximum versatility and efficiency of maintenance.

Minimal on-site preparation is required and the system is supplied complete and ready to use — simply load your products and connect your compressed air supply.

Lubestation® dispensing systems are completely customisable to meet the unique needs and requirements of your operation — everything from the specific dispensing equipment to the size, shape, and painted finish of your system.

  • Fluid types and capacities
  • Hose reels, pumps, and flow rate requirements
  • Dispensing rooms and workstations
  • Other requirements including:
    • Spill response, PPE and first aid kits
    • Additional storage areas
    • Internal and external lighting
    • Air compressor

LUBESTATION® Dispensing Systems

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