A Safe and Efficient Solution for Waste Oil Storage During Heavy Rain Events

7 February 2023
70,000 litre double walled fully certified fuel tank from RETRA


Roy Hill’s rail and port operation faced a problem storing waste oils and chemicals during heavy rain events. During the cyclone season, the company often experiences three to five serious rain events a year, which could cause the waste areas to overflow. The traditional form of oil storage, drums, came with significant risks and inefficiencies, particularly during extreme weather conditions. Hot summer temperatures could lead to leaks, and as it rained, water could be trapped on top of the barrels, causing water to be pulled into the oil and lead to spills.



RETRA Fluid Handling Systems was approached to solve the operation’s waste oil storage problem. Retra self-bunded tanks offered a complete waste oil storage solution designed to meet and exceed Australian regulations. RETRA’s block-style tanks are designed with safety, efficiency, and longevity in mind and were built to the highest quality standards. They are made with stainless steel fittings that don’t react with the waste oil, reducing the risk of corrosion, water contamination, and leaks. The cube styling of the RETRA’s block tanks provided maximum volume while minimising the need for space. With their ‘tank within a tank’ design with the exterior of the two capable of holding 110% of the tank’s capacity, they could be placed wherever they were needed on-site without the risk of leakage.



RETRA’s solution was a complete success for Roy Hill. The self-bunded block-style tanks eliminated the spills and safety risks of using multiple waste oil storage drums, and their cube styling allowed for maximum volume with a small, space-saving footprint. The in-built bund eliminated the need for building work, concrete walls, or excavations and made it easy to store, relocate, and transport the tanks. The heavy-duty paint finish and stainless-steel fittings kept the tanks safe and the oil ready for recycling, and the tanks’ compliance with all Australian regulations made the process smooth and efficient. RETRA’s solution has helped Roy Hill avoid potential environmental disasters and ensure the safe storage of its waste oils and chemicals.

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70,000 litre double walled fully certified fuel tank from RETRA

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