A Wheel Handle Reel for Safer and Easier Manual Rewinding in Tight Places

7 February 2023


Our client used a standard manual rewind hose reel on their service truck for high-flow fluid dispensing.
But with space on the truck limited, the reel was mounted in an awkward spot between the pump and
storage cabinet. This made rewinding the reel quite tricky. Operators were straining to get into position
and were hitting their hands on the cabinet. This problem was impacting productivity and making
operations more hazardous than they needed to be.


Because our client required storage of a large hose, using a smaller reel wasn’t an option. They
considered replacing the existing reel with a narrower spring rewind reel with a similar hose capacity.
But in their service trucks’ harsh, dusty environments, they preferred manual rewind. We were tasked
with custom-engineering a more compact manual rewind reel. Our team had the idea to use the cast
aluminium wheel of our 450 series reel as a handle. It so happened that the wheel has an ergonomic
shape fit for use as a slim and easy-to-use handle. We manufactured this custom feature with durability
in mind. In addition to the press fit wheel, the handle axle was tapped and bolted to the wheel with a tab
for maximum assembly strength.


Our client is seeing great benefits from this custom reel. The new handle is easier to rewind, and
operators are no longer straining themselves or injuring their hands. These frustrating safety hazards
were eliminated with zero compromises on the performance or capacity of the reel. This wheel handle
design is an excellent option for operators with limited vehicle space and in other situations where a
standard handle is a safety risk. The design is simple, durable, and highly effective at boosting operator
safety and performance.