Retra Makes Fluid Handling Real Ezy

20 July 2022

Retra Fluid Handling Systems has answered the industry’s call for lightweight but highly durable hose and cable reels with their Real Ezy range.

Initially a firefighting reel, the aluminium fabricated product boasts a reliable and robust design that is easy to use and suitable for multiple applications.

The reels have long-term and field-proven performance, backed by an experienced team, replacement part guarantees and a 10-year warranty.

Operations Manager, James Judd, said that the Real Ezy Reel was purpose-built for the challenging conditions of Australia’s mineral resources sector and has been the first choice for an operator looking for a high-strength product.

“We have been manufacturing these reels in Australia since 2002, continuing the product’s rich history, which stretches back to the 1970s,” said Mr Judd.

“We’re continuously looking to make improvements. We consult and collaborate with clients on any unique requirements they may have, and we can service those requirements with our custom design facilities.”

Retra Fluid Handling Systems fabricates in-house to client’s specific needs. The company also keeps a healthy stock of fast-selling items, supported by local manufacturing centres, which means that products and parts are readily available.

“On top of that, feedback is essential to us. We regularly visit our clients to ensure the products are working as designed and to discover what, if anything, we could be doing better,” continued Judd.

Real Ezy Reels are available in several carefully designed configurations, spanning manual rewind, spring rewind or electric rewind hose reels.

The equipment can be made available without roller guide brackets or with inverted roller guides for mounting upside down or in high positions.

The reels also come in right or left-hand rewind configurations and have optional pressure ratings and swivel configurations for higher-pressure liquids or corrosive substances.

With water and fire trucks often limited by space and weight, the lighter and more compact design of Real Ezy Reels is a significant benefit.

This allows for larger water tanks and more space for the other equipment on the truck – a big help to both the bodybuilders and operators alike.

Boosted by a strong track record in the Australian mining sector, Real Ezy Reels are known to save downtime during dust suppression and washdown operations and be highly effective in emergencies.

According to Judd, the product’s unique qualities were matched only by the company’s highly experienced and committed staff.

“Retra is a family-owned business with a mission to support the mineral resources sector with hose reels it can rely on,” said Judd.

“We want to make their jobs as easy as possible – whether that’s fighting fires or suppressing dust. Equipment that can be relied on makes for less downtime – for safer, easier operations. The goal is to continue refining and improving our product, as well as innovating our manufacturing techniques. Ultimately, we want to partner with every client we have – not just be a supplier.”

Real Ezy’s range of heavy-duty hose reels are fit for fire and emergency, washdown, dust suppression, fuel and chemical transfer, and service and lube applications.

Real Ezy Hose Reels are available from Retra, a fluid handling and storage solutions supplier with specialist design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities.

Retra works with clients Australia-wide across a host of sectors, including mining & resources and the fire & emergency services.

Their team of experienced consultants’ partner with organisations to understand their operations and provide turnkey and custom-built solutions of the highest standard.

For a no-obligation consultation call Retra Fluid Handling Systems today on 1300 242 504 or email