Custom Hose & Cable Reels

450 Series Real Ezy Manual Rewind Layflat Hose Reel

Item code: R450-120-LFMR

Designed to store and organise layflat hose without kinking or tangling. The manual rewind handle allows the user to control the amount of hose on the reel and keep it neat and tidy when not in use.


  • Designed to hold up to 20m of 2″, 30m of 1.1/2″ or 40m of 1″ layflat hose
  • For storage only (not supplied with hose roller guides or a fluid path)
  • Heavy-duty aluminium construction
  • Manual rewind handle – left-hand and right-hand options available
  • Greaseable bronze bearings with friction brake
  • 120 mm drum rods
  • Compact profile designed to fit the maximum amount of hose in a small footprint
  • Can be mounted to vehicle trays, benches, walls, and ceilings