Fuel Transfer Pump Solutions

Meclube Air-Operated Industrial Wall-Mounted Oil Pump (5:1)

Item code: 021-0905-000

These pumps are advised for the transfer of low to high viscosity oil and similar fluids across medium to long distances.


The delivery capacity of the pump varies according to particular applications and combinations such as the pressure of air supplied; viscosity and temperature of the fluid; dimensions of delivery hose; dimensions of connections and type of gun which is used.

The operating pressure may vary between a minimum of 3 bar and a maximum of 8 bar. The double-acting guarantees the delivery of a continuous and constant flow, suitable for installations on distribution facilities. To optimise the performance and the time-life of the air-operated pumps it is advised to use filtered air.


  • Air-operated industrial oil pump
  • Suitable for wall mounted applications
  • Double-acting delivery capacity
  • 5:1 ratio
  • 50 litre per minute delivery capacity
  • Polyurethane seals