Self-Bunded Fuel Storage Tanks

2000 L Self-Bunded Fuel and Oil Tank

Item code: TRAD20TCG

Fully Transportable Storage for Onsite Fuelling and Auxiliary Supply

Eliminate downtime and interruption to critical equipment and increase the productivity of your operations.


  • Options available for diesel, unleaded petrol, oil, and adblue
  • Steel construction and galvanised frame for strength and durability
  • Double walled, 110% containment for environmental safety
  • Crane liftable corner brackets, four-way forklift pockets, and tie down points for easy and secure transport
  • Stackable two-high when full and three-high when empty to maximise space
  • Internal baffle for stability when transporting the tank when full or partially full
  • Lockable hatch that houses all connections and equipment for security
  • Ability to fuel up to three multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously (generators, pumps, compressors etc.)
  • Removable inner tank for simple inspection, cleaning, and maintenance
  • Dispensing equipment to meet your exact requirements
  • Australian standards compliant:
    • AS 1692-2006 – Steel tanks for flammable and
      combustible liquidsAS 1940-2017 – The storage and handling of
      flammable and combustible liquids
    • AS 4100-1998 (R2016) – Steel Structures
    • AS 4991-2004 – Lifting Devices
    • AS 3775.1-2014 – Chain slings for lifting purposes – Grade T(80) and V(100) Part 1 –
      Product Specification
    • AS 3775.2-2014 – Chain slings for lifting purposes – Grade T(80) and V(100) Part 2 – Care and use

Additional information


1290 mm


2300 mm


1150 mm

Test Pressure

0.3 bar

Nominal Capacity @ 20°C

2000 L

Tare Weight

1050 kg

Gross Weight

3050 kg