Lubricant Storage & Dispensing Systems

High-performance lubricant storage and dispensing systems are key to safeguarding and maintaining heavy-duty machinery, particularly across the mining, defence and construction industries. 

From engine and transmission oil to greasing pivot points and even coolant for radiators, these systems ensure equipment continues operating constantly, efficiently and safely.

Retra lubricant dispensing systems contain all these fluids within one relocatable unit, which protects them from contamination while increasing efficiency and protecting operators from potential manual handling injuries. View Retra lubricant dispensing equipment below.

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From lube skid tanks to large-scale field service modules, we have a lubricant dispenser solution for you. Whether you want to purchase one of our customised lube oil dispensing containers or you’re interested in hiring an oil dispensing station, we’re here to help.

Retra Lubricant Dispensing System Features

  • Australian Standards compliant 
  • Cyclone rated 
  • Replaceable dust filters 
  • Offers easy access to pumping equipment for any maintenance needs 
  • Bunded and ventilated to help protect the environment 
  • Oil dispensing system facilitates the safe extraction and management of waste oil 
  • Designed to retrofit existing infrastructure, including domes
  • Fast-connect fittings on all frequently used pipes 
  • Easy transportation
  • Reduced footprint for maximising available space 
  • Long-lasting design 
  • Modular design for flexible, changing circumstances 
  • Low maintenance

Retra Lubricant Storage and Dispensing System Benefits

  • Improved efficiency and productivity – machines can stay running 
  • Eliminates manual handling risk 
  • Reduced operational downtime
  • Arrives ready for immediate use 
  • A broad range of options for various applications 
  • Highly affordable compared to alternatives such as service trucks or fixed facility 
  • Helps protect the environment from hydrocarbon leaking 
  • Low-maintenance – no special tooling or specialist skills needed for upkeep

Why Choose Retra for Your Lubrication Dispensing Equipment?

We serve some of the biggest names across construction, mining and defence. These clients rely on and trust us to deliver an outstanding level of service across the board.

  • Innovation – we’re committed to exploring, improving and unearthing new efficiencies and outcomes.
  • Integrity – it’s not about doing what’s easy, it’s about doing what’s right. 
  • Safety – the safety of our people, clients, customers and property is top-of-mind.
  • Enthusiasm – we are genuinely passionate about our industry and finding the best solutions for our clients. 
  • Empathy – we want to understand our client’s pain points so we can contribute to improved outcomes.

You can rely on us for more than lubricant dispensers. We also stock all the advanced fluid handling system products your business needs.

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