Custom Hose & Cable Reels

Real Ezy Stackable Cable Reel

Item code: 16577

These cable reels use our lightweight cast aluminium wheels and drum frame, incorporated into a SHS steel frame. This allows the reels to stack, adding extra rigidity and making them easier to handle. Storing cable on an individual, stackable reel removes the safety hazards that occur with large amounts of cable on one roll.



  • Designed to hold 500 m of 16 mm OD cable
  • Galvanised steel frame
  • Aluminium wheels, rods & bearing blocks
  • Greaseable bearings & friction brake
  • Stackable with locating brackets for secure transport
  • Removable manual rewind handle with locking bolt and dimpled drilled in axle to ensure handle does not come lose
  • Unit weight: 20kg
  • Compact profile to hold the maximum amount of cable in a small footprint
  • Lightweight construction for carrying the reels by hand