Diesel Dispensing

Diesel Transfer System “Cami Dispenser” (60 Lt/Min 12v)

Item code: 090-5070-Y60

Diesel transfer system for private usage, it allows the quick and safe filling of vehicles, and permits to measure and record the dispensed quantities.

It is equipped with nozzle holder, microswitch to turn the pump on/off, automatic nozzle with swivelling joint, and extractable hose support. The equipment can be fixed to the wall, to a tank or to its own column.


  • Connection hose Ø: 20
  • Duty cycle min: 40
  • Entrance-Exit: F1” – F1”
  • Flow meter: 3C
  • Flow rate l/min: 60
  • Nozzle: Automatic PA60
  • Power W: 336
  • Voltage AC V./Hz DC Volt: 12

Composed by:

  • 091-5081-060 12V Pump – power cable (sec. 4 mmq, 4 m lenght) with pincers and fuse- 60 l/min
  • 908-0516-040 Connection hose ø 20 mm M-M 1” 4 m length
  • 093-5210-000 Automatic nozzle PA60 Flow rate 70 l/min
  • 092-5103-000 Mechanical flow meter 3 digits F1” 120 l/min 3C