Electric Rewind Hose Reels

530 Series Electric Rewind Hose Reel

Item code: N/A
  • Aluminium construction
  • Stainless steel rollers
  • Right hand and left hand handle configurations available
  • Electric motor & fluid path – opposite side to handle
  • Greaseable Bronze Bearings with Friction Brake
Code MWP (PSI) Hose Capacity Voltage Qty Add to quote
R530-400-25E1230050m x 25mm 70m x 19mm12
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R530-400-25E2430050m x 25mm 70m x 19mm24
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R530-500-25E1230060m x 25mm 80m x 19mm12
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R530-500-25E2430060m x 25mm 80m x 19mm24
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R530-600-25E1230070m x 25mm 100m x 19mm12
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R530-600-25E2430070m x 25mm 100m x 19mm24
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R530-400-38E1230020m x 38mm 30m x 32mm12
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R530-400-38E2430020m x 38mm 30m x 32mm24
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R530-650-38E1230030m x 38mm 50m x 32mm12
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R530-650-38E2430030m x 38mm 50m x 32mm24
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R530-400-50E1230015m x 50mm12
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R530-400-50E2430015m x 50mm24
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Hose Capacity

50m x 25mm 70m x 19mm, 60m x 25mm 80m x 19mm, 70m x 25mm 100m x 19mm, 20m x 38mm 30m x 32mm, 30m x 38mm 50m x 32mm, 15m x 50mm


12, 24