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Case StudiesLubricant Dispensing Units

RETRA Becomes Official Australian Distributor for Meclube

RETRA Fluid Handling Systems (RETRA), manufacturers of the Lubestation, is pleased to announce that it is now an Australian distributor…

Aug 02, 2023
Case StudiesLubricant Dispensing Units

Streamlining In-Field Maintenance With A 5 IBC Mobile Plant Lubestation

Introduction: This case study focuses on the successful implementation of an IBC mobile plant Lubestation at Roy Hill, a mining…

Jun 26, 2023
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Lubricant Dispensing Systems for Mining: Hire or Own, What’s the Better Option?

Lubricant dispensing systems like our industry leading LUBESTATION® are an essential part of mining maintenance operations. They help to ensure…

Jan 31, 2023
BlogLubricant Dispensing Units

Watch our new LUBESTATION® Video

From warehouse forklifts to 3400 horsepower haul trucks – mining operations need a diverse set of vehicles and machinery to…

Jan 30, 2023
BlogLubricant Dispensing Units

Lubricant dispensing systems for farming machinery and equipment

Agricultural machinery plays a key role in today’s farms. Maintaining your tractors, combine harvesters, and other farming equipment to the…

Nov 24, 2021
Case StudiesLubricant Dispensing Units

Custom Retrofit LUBESTATION® Module

Problem Our client saw an opportunity to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their mobile equipment maintenance and approached RETRA…

Nov 04, 2021
BlogLubricant Dispensing Units

The benefits of clean, contamination-free lubrication

The lifeblood of modern industrial machines are their lubricants. But contaminated lubricants? They’re machine killers.

Improve the health and performance of machinery and ensure the success of your operations with clean, contamination-free lubrication.

Oct 11, 2021