Mapping future mining operations with the help of a custom-engineered cable reel

14 March 2022

When Australia’s biggest nickel mining business needed a custom-engineered cable reel for a surveying project, they approached us to help.



Our client was preparing to conduct a magnetic survey in a remote WA location that would map new mineral bodies and provide essential data for future mining operations. This project required a solution to store, transport, and handle the 3 kilometres of magnetic cable that would be used for the survey. They needed this solution quickly, as without it they couldn’t survey the land with the volume and efficiency necessary for their fast-moving operations.



The solution they needed was a heavy-duty, manual rewind cable reel that could be relied on to perform. Our client’s previous surveying contractor had built some reels themselves from SHS, but for this project they wanted a manufactured solution better up for the challenge.

This project saw us partnering closely with the user to ensure they got the best reel for the job. We went through 3 revisions of the design before sending out a prototype reel for the surveyors to try. Using their feedback, we made some further small tweaks to improve the design and were then ready to ramp up production.

The final cable reel uses our proven cast aluminium wheels and drum frame, incorporated into a SHS steel frame. This allows the reels to stack, adding extra rigidity and making them easier to handle. The handle is secured to the axle using a hand-wind bolt that won’t come of during use and cause safety issues but can still be easily loosened to take off for transport and storage.









  • Suitable for rewinding cable where no power is available.
  • Durable and low maintenance design for reliable performance
  • Guaranteed to withstand the toughest conditions
  • Compact and lightweight construction



The reels can hold 500 m of the 16 mm cable which the exploration team are using in their magnetic survey. Cable is wound onto the reel and stored stacked 3 high, then transported on the back of a LV to the exploration site where they are unloaded by hand and taken into the bush and other remote locations. There the cable is unwound and used in the surveying process.

The reel allows for the cable to be easily and efficiently transported to the exact survey site. The way cable is stored on these reels removes the safety issues that would otherwise occur with large amounts of cable in one roll.

Our client is happy with the final result and is recommending their surveying contractors in need of safer and more efficient solutions get in contact with us. We would recommend this reel to anyone who is needing a solution to handle cable efficiently and safely. Our custom reel solutions can be tailored to meet the unique specifications and requirements for any project.

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