The top 5 benefits of storing and dispensing fuel on-site

26 October 2021

Refuelling plant and equipment is a top priority across industry operations. For workplaces seeking the most effective and efficient solution to refuelling, storing and dispensing fuel on-site offers a number of benefits.

Here’s our top 5:


1. Save Money and Reduce Expenses

Buying fuel in bulk offers the best price economics and allows you to negotiate with suppliers. Having fuel stored on-site also reduces the expenses incurred by travelling to refuel. 

2. Improve Productivity

With less time lost on refuelling detours, machinery and equipment downtime is minimised — increasing your assets’ operating hours and improving productivity.

3. Prevent Theft

Employees taking advantage of fuel card allowances for personal use is, unfortunately, a common issue. On-site fuelling promotes proper management and monitoring of fuel.

4. Guarantee Quality

Contaminated fuel damages your assets and puts your operations at risk of an unexpected shutdown. By having your fuel stored on-site, you can set the contamination-control processes and solutions that guarantee its quality.

5. Safeguard Against Emergencies

Fuel is hard to come by during an emergency, and without it, you won’t be able to continue running your operations.  Having the ability to store supplies during a fuel shortage is very valuable.



Every workplace is different. But whether you’re running a construction site, a commercial farm, or a mining operation, you can likely benefit from on-site fuel storage and dispensing. 

Experience the benefits of on-site fuelling with a self bunded storage tank and dispensing system from RETRA. 

We offer a range of standard and custom options to suit requirements for a variety of applications.

Learn more about our fuel storage options here.