Lubricant dispensing systems for farming machinery and equipment

24 November 2021

Agricultural machinery plays a key role in today’s farms. Maintaining your tractors, combine harvesters, and other farming equipment to the highest standard is essential for productive agricultural operations.

Like all heavy-duty machinery, farming equipment requires regular lubrication to prevent damage and avoid failures. Replacing farming equipment isn’t cheap and unexpected breakdowns can impact production, cause injury to workers, and damage crops.

A hydrocarbon lubricant dispensing system that allows for fast, easy, and contamination-free lubrication ensures the life and performance of valuable machinery aren’t jeopardised.


The Benefits of Effective, Contamination-Free Lubrication

Agricultural machinery is subjected to intense usage, extreme temperatures, and harsh working environments that cause premature mechanical wear. Regular servicing with clean lubricating oils and greases works to overcome these challenges.

1. Maximised Performance and Efficiency

Regular servicing with lubricants allows machinery to operate at its full potential by maximising performance and energy efficiency.

2. Longer Equipment Life Spans

Contamination-free lubricants defend against premature mechanical wear to increase the life expectancy of farming equipment

3. Lower Maintenance Costs

Proactive maintenance is the best way to avoid the significant costs associated with replacing parts emergency repairs.

4. Safer Operations

Machinery that can reliably perform is essential for a safe farming environment — when equipment fails there is the possibility of injury to people and damage to crops. 

5. Increased Operating Hours and Yields

Machinery that is down for repairs costs your farm in lost operating hours and will affect yields. Proactive lubrication maintenance increases productivity and profitability by ensuring machinery uptime.


LUBESTATION® Hydrocarbon Dispensing Systems 

Maneuvering disconnected containers and hoses around a farm is a laborious and dangerous way to dispense lubricants. Contaminated lubricants can damage machinery and spillage can harm the environment.

LUBESTATION® modules provide a complete solution for safe, easy, and contamination-free dispensing on worksites and farms. These heavy-duty bulk oil and fluid stores allow for containers to be loaded into a self-bunded module and connected to high-quality dispensing equipment. The module can then be positioned and relocated around a farm for maximum versatility and efficiency.

Everything from specific dispensing equipment to the size and shape of a LUBESTATION® can be tailored to the unique needs of a farm.


2 IBC Lubestation


20ft LUBESTATION Container

20ft LUBESTATION® Container











With proper lubrication maintenance agricultural machinery can perform at its best for as long as possible. To experience these benefits for your farm, make sure to procure and implement the right hydrocarbon dispensing system for your needs. Only with ideal solutions can you achieve ideal results.

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